NEC PC Engine & TurboGrafx Power Supply Compatibility List

The PC Engine/TurboGrafx family went through a lot of power supply revisions. Different internal and external tip sizes, voltages and polarity. Here’s a list of the different models and settings.

PC Engine/TG ModelVoltageMinimum CurrentPolarityOriginal PSUDC Barrel Jack SizeNotesOld ModelNew ModelPurchase
PC Engine9V650mAPAD-105 + PAD-1065.5mm x 2.1mmCompatibleMKS-1002000AUGG090200Amazon AU
CoreGrafx I+II9V800mAPAD-105 + PAD-1065.5mm x 2.1mmCompatibleMKS-1002000AUGG090200Amazon AU
PC Engine Shuttle9V800mAPAD-105 + PAD-1065.5mm x 2.1mmCompatibleMKS-1002000AUGG090200Amazon AU
SuperGrafx9V800mAPAD-1136.3mm x 3.0mmWe don’t have this size tip
PC Engine GT7V700mA+PAD-1213.5mm x 1.35mmWe don’t have this size tip
CD-ROM29V650mAPAD-105 + PAD-1065.5mm x 2.1mmCompatibleMKS-1002000AUGG090200Amazon AU
CD-ROM2 Interface Unit9V1450mAAD-IF30 + AD-IF30A5.5mm x 2.5mmCompatibleGG090200Amazon AU
PC Engine Duo9-10V1000mA+PAD-1246.3mm x 3.0mmWe don’t have this size tip
Super CD-ROM212V1000mA+PAD-1256.3mm x 3.0mmWe don’t have this size tip
Duo Monitor9-10V750mA?PAD-126UnknownUnknown
PC Engine LT9V700mA+PAD-127UnknownUnknown
DUO-R + RX9V1000mA+PAD-129 + PAD 1304.75mm x 1.7mmCompatibleMKS-1001200AUGG090150Amazon AU
Print Booster12V1000mA?PAD-111UnknownUnknown
TurboGrafx-169-10V730mAHES-ACA-015.5mm x 2.1mmCompatibleMKS-1002000AUGG090200Amazon AU
TurboGrafx-CD9-10V650mAHES-ACA-015.5mm x 2.1mmCompatibleMKS-1002000AUGG090200Amazon AU
TurboGrafx-CD Dock9-10V1500mAHES-ACA-02/035.5mm x 2.5mmCompatibleGG090200Amazon AU
TurboExpress7V700mA+HES-ACA-043.5mm x 1.35mmWe don’t have this size tip
Turbo Duo9V1000mA+HES-ACA-056.3mm x 3.0mmWe don’t have this size tip

* Polarity refers to the center tip